24/7 protection. One surface at a time.


With four premium antimicrobial films designed for every application imaginable, we're committed to keeping you safe—whatever you touch.
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Microbes are everywhere.
But it's possible to stay safe.


Copper & Silver
Antimicrobial Film

PVC film with Cu+Ag antimicrobial layers


Glossy Clear
Antimicrobial Film

PET film with an antimicrobial micropolymer coating


Antimicrobial Film

PET film with an antimicrobial micropolymer coating


Protective TPU
Antimicrobial Film

TPU film with an antimicrobial coating

Aerosilver® Fashion Mask

Antimicrobial Mask

Reusable fashion mask with zirconium-silver antimicrobial fibers

PPE Shield

Personal Protective Equipment

Face shield with an antimicrobial micropolymer coating

Smile Protector

Personal Protective Equipment

Transparent face cover with antimicrobial anti-fog coating

Sanitary Mask

Personal Protective Equipment

Molded reusable transparent mouth cover with antimicrobial anti-fog coating

CCC - Product 1x1
Clean Contact Case

Antimicrobial Case

Metallized PVC case with Cu+Ag antimicrobial layers

Partition Boards

Plastic Barriers

Transparent plastic barriers designed for disease prevention

Why Clean Contact®?

>99% Antimicrobial Effectiveness

Eliminates over 99% of common pathogens


Free of harmful chemicals and compounds


Retains antimicrobial properties indefinitely with proper maintenance

Keeping you safe:
Anytime, anywhere

Indirect contact, one of the main modes of disease transmission, occurs whenever you touch a contaminated surface. With their powerful antimicrobial properties, our Clean Contact® films drastically reduce the possibility of resulting infections by eliminating pathogens at the source.

Gorgeous gloss.
Crystal clarity.

Keep screens and glass crystal-clear with our transparent, hydrophobic film.


Containing both copper and silver nanoparticles for maximum effectiveness, our proprietary metallized film boasts endless applications.

No glare.
No worries.

Protect your health, devices, and privacy all at once with our highly scratch-resistant, anti-glare film.


Self-healing and damage-resistant, our premium TPU
film offers robust, long-term protection for both flat and
curved surfaces.

Easy to Apply.
even easier to understand.

We use cutting-edge antimicrobial technology to keep the germs away. 
Check out our quick and easy guides to find out how our films work.

protection for every occASION

From windows and doors to handles and screens, Clean Contact® has you covered—no matter what you’re covering.


STEK Care PPE Shield Safety Declaration