The difference stays clear.

Micropolymer networks

The special micropolymer networks in our films begin destroying microorganisms on contact.

clear-cut protection

Apply Clarivale on screens and glass for next-to-godliness shine.

Protection for all

To best fit each unique application, Clarivale comes in both sheet and roll form.

A4 Sheet
Roll (30 m, 200 m)

why clarivale?

Easy Installation

Scratch - resistant

Scratches? Not a problem. With its 3H hardness, Clarivale boasts exceptional resistance compared to other antimicrobial films on the market.

 Metal Scratch Test Results

With Clarivale

Without Clarivale

Clarivale (3H)

No scratches

Competitor PP film (↓H)

Competitor PVC film (↓H)

Competitor PE film (↓H)

Clarivale delivers, rain or shine

With Clarivale, spills aren’t a problem. Designed to repel water, our film makes protection easy.

With Clarivale

Without Clarivale

High Chemical resistance

Clarivale features excellent resistance to ethyl acetate and other sources of chemical damage.

 Chemical Resistance Test Results


No damage

Competitor PP/PE film

Competitor PVC film

1 drop of ethyl acetate solvent was applied for about 20 seconds on the films before removal.


Thanks to its silicone adhesive, Clarivale is easy to apply on any flat surface.

Anyone can install Clarivale—no special tools or training needed.