Complete Coverage

Micropolymer networks

The special micropolymer networks in our films begin destroying microorganisms on contact.

Protection. Inside & out.

Vehicle interiors and exteriors. 
Appliances large and small. 

High-traffic surfaces, indoors and outdoors. 

With COVAX, protection never stops.

Protection for all

To best fit each unique application, COVAX comes in both sheet and roll form.

Roll (15 m)

why COVAX?


Super self-healing

Scratches? Not a problem with COVAX. With its self-healing, antimicrobial top coating, our film easily eliminates minor scratches* on its surface.

Application of Heat (with hair dryer)

Disappearance of Scratches

*In room temperature. The use of a hair dryer is recommended for optimal healing.

Superior hydrophobicity

The top coating of COVAX boasts unparalleled hydrophobicity, allowing water droplets to simply slide off the film’s surface.

 Water Angle (water on film)


Very round*

Competitor Film 1

Less round

Competitor Film 2

Less round

*Greater roundness indicates greater hydrophobicity.

Resistant to damage & wear

Thanks to its durable TPU construction, COVAX guards whatever it covers. Our resilient film provides powerful protection against everyday wear, including damage caused by rock chips.

 Film State (post-test)

Competitor Film

 Stainless-Steel Surface (after removal of film)

COVAX - No Damage
Competitor Film - Damage
COVAX - No Damage
Competitor Film - Damage

Top-notch stain resistance

COVAX is also resistant to stains caused by coffee, pens, and other common substances.

 Pen Test (4 types of markers on film)


Least staining

Competitor Film 1

Remaining stains

Competitor Film 2

Remaining stains