partition boards

Stop germs in their tracks.

Protection, enclosed.

STEK partition boards are transparent plastic barriers designed for maximum disease prevention. Ideal for high-traffic areas such as offices and supermarkets, our screens effectively reduce exposure to sneezing, coughing, and airborne droplets while continuing to enable clear communication between individuals. Featuring both easy assembly and storage, our durable partitions are adaptable for a diverse variety of settings and users.

Block airborne particles.

By intercepting possible pathogens as they travel through the air, our partition boards dramatically reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Enable clear communication.

Transparent screens significantly increase user comfort by facilitating interaction without any obstructions of view.

Reinforce social distancing.

Setting up physical barriers in high-traffic areas provides a concrete layer of protection, even when individuals are unwilling or forgetful.

Reduce the reliance on masks.

As masks, hand sanitizers, and other preventative resources may be in short supply, a single divider can prove effective in protecting large numbers of vulnerable people at a time.



1 Main Screen (600 mm x 450 mm) 

2 Side Screens (350 mm x 450 mm)

Thickness: 1.0 mm

Weight: 0.94 kg

Partition Boards

Openings for Power Cords

Reusable Adhesive Stabilizers

Mask Hanger Loops

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Silicone Reinforcements