PPE Shield

                                                          Full Face Protection

Face Germs head-on

With PPE Shield, stay protected from whatever comes your way. Designed to block a variety of potential contaminants, our face shield provides maximum coverage and is ideal for use in a wide range of sectors. Featuring a foam headband and flexible PET material, PPE Shield ensures a comfortable fit even with extended use, while its anti-fog sides keep your line of vision crystal-clear.

STEK Care PPE Shield Safety Declaration
STEK Care PPE Shield Safety Declaration

PPE Shield

As a full-face antimicrobial barrier, PPE Shield offers comfortable, robust protection against contaminants and pathogens.

Blue Cut PPE Shield

By adding a formulation specially designed to block blue light, we’ve customized PPE Shield to effectively prevent eye strain, optimizing it for extended use.

why PPE Shield?

High Gloss & Transparency
Blue Cut
Easy Cleaning

WHY reduce blue light?

Prevent Eye Strain

Limit eye fatigue, dry eyes and blurred vision.

Minimize Headaches

Reduce or eliminate eye-strain related headaches and migraines.

Sleep Better

Get a deeper, more peaceful night’s rest—and enjoy the next morning, too.

WHY yellow?

In the visible light spectrum, mixing two complementary colors produces white light, resulting in neutralization. As yellow and orange complement blue and violet, respectively, the visor of Blue Cut PPE Shield features a yellow-orange tinge. This special coloration works to effectively block harmful blue light. 

Take the offense

PPE Shield doesn’t just guard against contaminants – with its external antimicrobial coating, our face shield begins to kill harmful microbes on contact.