Screens on. Germs off.

Micropolymer networks

The special micropolymer networks in our films begin destroying microorganisms on contact.

Stay safe. stay connected.

Screen your tablets, laptops, and other electronics from both germs and prying eyes.

Protection for all

To best fit each unique application, X-Glare comes in both sheet and roll form.

A4 Sheet
Roll (30 m, 200 m)

why X-glare?

Smooth Touch
Paper-Like Finish


X-Glare stays smooth. With an impressive pencil hardness of 5H, our film keeps your screens protected—no matter what it’s up against.

 Metal Scratch Test Results

Without X-Glare

With X-Glare

X-Glare (5H)

No scratches

Competitor PP film (↓H)

Competitor PVC film (↓H)

Competitor PE film (↓H)


In addition to reducing glare, X-Glare’s rough structure works to eliminate fingerprints. This ensures that your surfaces—including touchscreens—stay clean.

 Fingerprint Test Results


No fingerprints

Competitor PET film

Competitor PP film

Feel the Difference

Let your fingers glide. Exquisitely smooth to the touch, X-Glare offers the ultimate user experience.

Paper-Like Finish

From sketching to taking notes, X-Glare makes writing on screens easy. Featuring an ideal amount of friction, X-Glare mimics the surface of paper for optimal stylus use.

Easy on the eyes

Extended screen time? Not a problem. By minimizing sparkling, X-Glare significantly reduces eye strain, allowing you to enjoy your devices without the headache.

how does it work?

X-Glare’s rough structure allows incoming light to spread evenly over the surface, dramatically reducing glare.

x-Glare stands out

Typical films are embedded with tiny beads for their anti-glare properties. However, these beads often separate from the surface, offsetting their potency. X-Glare is different. As a pattern-type film, X-Glare forgoes the beads for longer-lasting effectiveness.

Typical Bead Type

X-Glare Pattern Type